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Web 2.0 tools are useful in a global enterprise, such as the DON, as they enable widely dispersed commands and personnel to more effectively collaborate and share information.

The gains in productivity, efficiency, and innovation can be significant.

Program officials have scheduled a beta release for April within the Air Force logistics community.

Once data has been collected, the Airman's Professional Network features will be opened to all Air Force Portal users.

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Please read the rules contained in this Agreement carefully. Your use of any aspect of the websites will constitute your agreement to comply with these rules.

It is not to be construed as official guidance, endorsement of products or sites listed, nor is it policy." The Global Combat Support System-Air Force Program Management Office at Hanscom AFB is set to release an update to the Air Force Portal with new Web 2.0 features.

The Airman's Professional Network incorporates some of the best ideas from social and professional networking sites.

It will also require the Chairman to mention his online presence during All Hands Calls and incorporate them into appropriate speeches.

Our PA Outreach section, Speech Writers, and Aides will also need to send these sites to units, organizations, and media when conducting initial planning and coordination.

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