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(E) Any license issued pursuant to this rule shall bear the correct name of the licensee, their photo, address , an identification number issued by the athletic commission and the date of expiration.

A license issued pursuant to this rule shall expire twelve months after it's date of issue and may be renewed thirty days prior to the expiration date.

The applicant must answer all questions on the form and must sign the application form verifying the information provided is accurate and true.

(D) After proper filing of an application for a professional boxer's license and the executive director determines the applicant meets all the qualifications, the athletic commission shall vote on whether to issue the license to the applicant.

Walking all buildings and creating work orders making future projects made aware to the property manager.

Keeping up with all energy management are up to d ate and are correct.

(C) A cat scan examination of the brain will only be accepted when given within five days of the last date a contestant competes in a unarmed combat sports event.

(2) Has boxed in excess of three hundred rounds of professional boxing since being licensed.

i work at the arena towers at a dispatcher overnight / poor poor mangement , supervisr have pick favorties / this company has to be the worst / benefits are high Boxer has a very high turn over due to the reasons mentioned below.

When an employee expires instead of hiring a replacement person or promoting from within.

Boxer loads the responsibilities on selected employees without compensation. The culture is very sterile to say the least with many rules/restrictions that's not conducive to the workload.

I enjoy the immediate team but I would not recommend Boxer Property unless you wont to be over worked and under paid.check all HVAC equipment check all lighting and bathrooms.

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