Shaw discrepancies in olympiad dating

Hungary and Yugoslavia dropped a fraction, USSR and USA left a full point behind the leaders beating Wales and Paraguay respectively by 3 to 1. Broomes of Guyana but it were the impatiently expected newcomers from China who produced major round 1 sensation hammering Iceland 3-1, where Qi trashed GM Sigurjónsson at board 1.Nothing interesting happened on the next day when we have seen the favourites taking what they should take, with few exceptions like Sweden's lost to Norway or Spain dropping 1½ point vs Venezuela.Round 9 brought major upset as USSR lost to West Germany (Pfleger beat Polugaevsky) to only make themselves nervous and lacking confidence followed by their opposition's boost in morale.

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It were USSR who were the leaders at the halfway a full point ahead of USA and Denmark followed by Germany, Bulgaria and Poland.

Miles' outstanding win over Spassky was only enough for a draw for England in key match of round 5.

We saw four draws at table 2, where Hungary shared points with USA.

Bulgaria put up tough resistance vs USSR (Padevsky beat Gulko) but this was only enough to avoid heavy loss.

Hungary barely halved vs amazing Danes despite Portisch's firm win.

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