Dating customs in austria

On highways, a rude gesture would be to screw the forefinger into the temple of the head. A simple request for information would differ as follows: Austrians would say or write "we need this information by...", while Canadians would say or write "we would like this information by....".This polite request signals to an Austrian that the deadline is a "ballpark" and consequently the information may not be delivered on the date specified.The higher ranking or older person usually initiates the handshake. Handshakes are firm and require direct eye contact.For some Austrians, a weak hand shake may imply a weak character.Conversations topics which can offend are politics and/or Joerg Haider, Austria's role in WW2, religion or the movie Sound of Music.Also, never compare Austrians with Germans, however similar you might find these two cultures.The reasons are somewhat similar to the tensions between Americans and Canadians.Regarding the Sound of Music, an Austrian journalist suggested that the problem may be that the von Trapps, the family at the centre of the film, "emigrated to America and made their fortunes there while Austrians where rebuilding the country".

Austrians conduct themselves with polite formality in public.

When meeting Austrians for the first time good conversation topics can be downhill skiing, soccer, Austrian cuisine, Austrian classical music, art or peacekeeping.

Also, since the European Union has welcomed countries from Eastern Europe, Austria is proud of its role in helping foreign companies to establish themselves in the East.

Avoid public displays of affection, anger or emotion.

In general, one should not draw attention to oneself through a loud voice, extravagant compliments or inappropriate dress.

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