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My son was like six months when me and my hubby started getting intimate again; my child woke up right before the action, and he cried and cried as if telling us that he doesn't want a sibling.Wait till your child grows up and moves out — then maybe you will have privacy and a normal sex life again.Plus, I didn't feel sexy in my new skin, so I really didn't want sex.Eventually, though, through motherhood I came to be more comfortable with my body than I ever had been pre-baby, and sex is actually better than before.—Morgan Shanahan The worst part for me was not having the same gorgeous body I had before I had a baby.Make sure you are well lubricated, self- or store-bought. Feed baby and put him/her to sleep with a dry diaper — anything you can do to buy you some time.You do not want to rush the first time after having a baby.I think I may have even lied to my husband about it just to get a couple more weeks of "vacation."—Jessica Lynne, Facebook Breastfeeding presents a new world of being able to use your boobs for two COMPLETELY different purposes.... But totally OK and workable once you get over it.—Kelsey Hughes, Facebook It hurt like the first time for about six months no matter how much lube we used.

Turns out it was just knots from when they stitched me up that just needed some massaging.

After a few fun sexcapades, everything felt back to normal!

—Jessica Garcia, Facebook I never expected the dreadful feeling of fear that came over me when we tried one night.

Maybe.—Shirleyann Rafaela Cameron, Facebook I was surprised by how protective of my body I feel. "—Janinne Barris, Facebook Between pregnancy and breastfeeding I remember feeling like my body was just working really hard all the time.

At least for me, I felt like I just carried my baby, gave birth, and I'm now nourishing and feeding my baby with my body, so be nice to me. It took me a while not to feel like sex was just another demand on my body — I used to get really pissed off when my partner would come on to me.

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