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"And no tits." Nobody else was in the short hall outside the bathrooms. " Andy unbuttoned her checked cowboy shirt and pulled it open, revealing tiny breasts with little pink nipples and areolas.

Definitely not boy tits." Kathy looked up and down the hall.

I am most physically attracted to a person’s voice but the mind is my favorite toy. Or worse will you make me cum over and over until you decide I have had enough?

Turn me on and I will be your perfect sexual partner. Guide me; help me overcome my reluctance to things that intrigue me.

" Andy buttoned her shirt and tucked its tail into her blue jeans. Andy opened a drawer in the cabinet and took a thin joint out. Kathy took a drag on the thin little joint, then slowly let the smoke out. Bobby was getting wetter looking at Andy's little breasts and tiny swollen nipples. " "Nothing like a boy." Bobby reached out and touched one of Andy's nipples. "That's so good." Andy turned around and kissed Bobby.

"You're a fuckin' sexy woman." "Not as sexy as you two." Andy looked from Bobby to Kathy and back.

Kathy's nipples were big and tan with dark tan areolas the size of half-dollars. "A sexy girl sandwich." Andy turned around and kissed Kathy. "Let's see you kiss." She rubbed a finger over her pussy lips while she watched Bobby and Kathy kissing and fondling each other's breasts. Her protruding pussy lips were clearly visible through her sparse black pubic hair.

Bobby had little pink nipples and quarter-sized areolas. Her big breasts pressed into Andy's almost-flat chest. ." "Not just watching." Bobby unfastened her skirt and let it fall, then stepped out of her thong.

I love going out in sexy little outfits and turning all the guys on, though only allowing my partner to touch me or my ladies.

LOL my ladies and I will touch a lot of each other.

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