Updating maps on garmin nuvi

I've unplugged batteries, tried other computers, turned on touching upper left and lower right on screens, removed SD card, all without any change.ALso tried the repair link but which crashed while I was using it and it has yet to come back up but will try that later.For service/repair of a device due to any of the symptoms listed above, please visit the following page on our website: https://my.garmin.com/rma/repair Landing Thanks for the links and the ideas!Since computer doesn't see the GPS, I'm somewhat limited on updating it.

In that case, back up all of the files, format the drive and put the files back.... That is where the subroutine is to look for a USB to PC connection.

This process repeats indefinitely while connected to power.

The device does not load to the main menu and will not go into mass storage mode when connected to a computer. It actually worked for awhile past that so it may be unrelated but it started acting wonky with random reboots right after the update.

This problem can happen as a result of a failed firmware or map update.

The unit must be flashed with service firmware, so that it boots directly to the internal flash drive.

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