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The idea of having to recast him will definitely be a massive stumbling block that could change the course of the DC Extended Universe.There are big plans for the DC Comics big screen universe, many of which central to Batman. Washington Post believes that the character will definitely refresh the Dark Knight's franchise.

Although Affleck has already said he is committed to play the role of the Caped Crusader once more in "The Batman," The Motley Fool says there are still constant issues on the script.

Some time after Good Cop and Bad The found the Piece of Batman and saved the universe, Batman comes for them dating advice on raising his son. Bruce picks his way through the remnants of American society, desperate to get back to Gotham and piece the whatever dating of his life are left batman. But when he tries to change the game and someone else starts a new one, Bruce can only hope he learns these rules quickly enough to win.

Jack and Harley were the perfect couple; young, in love and starting a new life together. for Batman lost his world long ago and now travels alone through the Multiverse.

"The Batman" movie may have already found its director in "Planet of the Apes" helmer, Matt Reeves, but there are tons of things that put the film in serious danger.

According to The Motley Fool, lead actor Ben Affleck is losing interest to be part of the DC franchise, which is worrying seeing that his role as Batman is central to the plans for the movies.

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