Intimidating eye contact

Philip Venter believes this condition ultimately claimed his daughter's life.

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kanyago maintains that while Suna Venter's passing was a "terrible loss", at no stage has the intimidation that she faced, nor her death, "been linked to the SABC." Like Venter, Krige says he also received "about 13 or 14" death threats after the SABC 8 applied to South Africa's Constitutional Court to have the SABC's refusal to air protest footage declared unconstitutional in September 2016.

Venter had found her calling: she was set on becoming a journalist.

At the age of 24 Venter would go on to become a current affairs journalist and producer for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), the state-owned public broadcaster.

But Venter, seen as leading the charge against the SABC, soon began to receive anonymous death threats.

For example, a husband may yell and glare at his wife during an argument.Within weeks, Venter and seven other SABC employees, who together came to be known as the SABC 8, had been sacked by the broadcaster for their public defiance of its policies - policies Classens says hark back to the apartheid era, when the SABC was "interfered with to the point where it was essentially the government mouthpiece" of the authoritarian and segregationist National Party.Venter and three of her SABC colleagues took their dismissal to South Africa's Labour Court, where it was ruled that they'd been unfairly and unlawfully dismissed and had to be reinstated.Assertive behavior allows everyone to feel comfortable and safe, while aggressive people tend to seek control and get their way even if it means hurting others.For example, if you had a disagreement with a coworker regarding a project you were working on together, being assertive will allow the two of you to avoid hurting one another and to reach your goal without alienating one another, according to Mountain State Centers for Independent Living.

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