Updating drivers in system32 folder

For each driver (*file) you want to test, just copy and paste an existing chunk from another driver, changing the type and start type as appropriate (eg: Video, Automatic...) – see the bit at the top for a list of the driver types.

Once you're done, run MKHIVE (in the tools\mkhive folder of the source tree) passing the bootdata folder as the first parameter, and the target folder as the second.

As many installer applications still have issues (like Install Shield), there is another way to install such drivers.

Requirement: having React OS sources checked out and built.

Gameplay Inside shows you how to clean up old NVIDIA driver files to save disk space!

2017 update: This guide was originally released in 2014.

Unfortunately new Geforce Experiences still clutters your storage device, it just uses different file paths. When you run the NVIDIA Geforce Driver installer it will extract all files to a temporary directory. Reinstalling the same version just overwrites the same directory. Geforce Experience also keeps a copy of all drivers it has downloaded automatically.

Did you know that each time you installed a Geforce driver update the old files get left behind on your system? However, with the introduction of the NVIDIA Geforce Experience it has gotten even worse.

There are now three locations that get filled with unused files.

Especially now that SSD storage is becoming more expensive due to NAND chip shortages.

If React OS is providing its own driver for any device, the new hardware wizard will not show up (for example, Video adapter or supported I/O controller).

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