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In another case, he said, an entire company of 200 black soldiers was summoned to attention in the barracks square so that a victim could review them and, finally, accuse one of rape.

Help From Columbia Professor The commanding officer's great power of discretion is what most concerns Christo Lassiter, a professor in the College of Law at the University of Cincinnati and a former marine who specialized in courts-martial and who is now assisting Professor Lilly.

By his accounting, 70 soldiers were executed after courts-martial in Europe during the war, 55 of them black and 15 white.

About 70 more executions were carried out elsewhere in the American military, but so far no breakdown on racial data has been obtained.

This set Professor Lilly looking for official records. Kaiser, a senior research associate at the Congressional Research Service, he uncovered a 1946 summary of court-martial discipline dispensed in the war's European theater.

In this he found enough racial data to bolster what he had picked up anecdotally in England: Black soldiers paid for capital crimes disproportionately at the gallows in the segregated military of that time.

He found a total of 36,102 courts-martial for offenses ranging from absence without leave to assault.

In these cases, blacks were the accused 22 percent of the time, more than twice their proportionate number in the ranks and three times the number when violent crimes were involved, he said.

Take second turning on the right into St Peters Road, take second turning on the left into Bucklers Road."It was very clear that blacks were being punished in almost all instances a hell of a lot more for their behavior, proportionate to their presence, than the white soldiers were," Professor Lilly said."There's no question that in most instances the crimes committed were horrendous," he said."This needs to be sorted out and made right," Professor Lilly said in a recent interview at Northern Kentucky University, where he teaches sociology and criminology.The professor, who is white, stumbled on to what he suspects is a little-known chapter of American racism in doing research in England on prison punishment.

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