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I live in Montana so if anyone is interested you can call 406-679-7907Any injection pump shop should be able to rebuild your pump. both the 56 and the 58 should be the larger 8 mm pump. does anyone have one of these I can repair mine but might like to know where there might be some parts. Won t start and the gears in the transmission seem to be jammed. I went to a tractor store for an O ring the guys there said they had never heard of a Ford Super Major backhoe but they assured me that the O ring I got would seal. I have owned for the last 15 years used for bush hogging,grading runs like a top 10 years ago i rebuilt engine and replaced sleeves, pistons, bearings. Rebuilt the engine and had no trouble with it tell now. While we have the tires off of it we are having the rims sandblasted so we can repaint them, we were also wondering what is the correct color of paint for the rims on this tractor What is the correct color of blue for the tin work The closest year that I have been able to come up with is 1954, but if you have any good idea of how to find out the actual year or where I can find the numbers to figure it out I would appreciate it. I have a Fordson Major Diesel just like the one in the photograph but with a front end loader. Just wondering exactly when it would have been built 1959 and how much horsepower would it have .I have and old Fordson Major Diesel tractor for sale. I may have put 150 hrs since then It will be for sale when completed.great for a collector 850-324-0934i am not an expert but learning very fast at great expense-i have two 1954 fordson major deisels one for parts one running has a loader would sell both or looking for more parts machines would like a complete running engine for my parts tractor to make it run--phone me 7 ontario canadai have just powerwashed my baackhoe which i have found out was a huge mistake and it is leaking at a lot of seals on the sherman 54e100 power digger i need seals real bad and and can t find any thing anywhere. How many fenders are there out there to be had I have a 1964 super major fordson. The tractor also had a loader on it that we are not going to put it back on for hopes of someday restoring it in the future. My dad purchased a new Fordson Major Diesel in 1952. Am located in north western Ontario, Canada I have a ford super major with sherman backhoe and fromt loader, a super tractor. I had the injector worked on and they thouhgt I was missing a part off the injector. the housing and external fuel switch I thought that it was modified anyone know about this I have had a 1953 Fordson major diesel and have used it to cut 5 acres of grass with gang mowers every week for the last 11 years and are just now having the injectors refurbished. It starts first time every time and is a brilliant tractor.My husband passed away so I don t know anything about it It hasn t been started in years. if they use the wrong settings it will smoke bad enough to kill all the mosquitoes for miles. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had the Center member and the Front support, and/or a backhoe for a 1955 Fordson Major Diesel that they would like to sell If you do please call me at 208 587-7647. My phone number is 618-923-1559I have found one forsale a 1968 model gas nofenders but otherwise in tact. This was our middle tractor I believe the wheels were cast iron and painted orange. It is old and there is a speed doubler on the Pto to run the hudraulic pump on the hoe. My husband just purchased approx a 1962 -1965 Fordson Major.Does anyone know where we can find a repair manual Hi all, just bought a fordson w/bukit and hoe. can someone get me started on where the # s shud b EIADDN 501 P135 T2 is cast under seat. I asked what was happening with it, I was told that the whole site had been sold for housing and everything was being srapped. They said yes we are waiting for the scrap people to arrive.Anyway I gave them 20.00 for their tea & coffee put it on a trailer and took it home.Cheers Norm I have a Fordson Major that I use to work aroung the place with and I need a couple of parts. I have just purchased a Fordson Major w/ hydraulic bucket on front and was told it was a Major 30.I would like to restore her to a more original state if possible but find it hard to get some parts. And by the way..the guy likes his rims silver, then go for it. I don't know much about them but it drove fine for the 5 miles to my home.

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He has already found a second one for parts and is going to try to make one work to use on our farm. Deiselx4.head gasket, help, thanx Having just aquired a 1956 fordson major tractor with original log book, I found this site whilst looking for information on it. Last week I had to go to an engineering yard just outside of Bristol to collect some thing else whilst there I saw this old tractor tucked away in the corner of their yard.

I just bought a Fordson Dexta 1963 3 cyl diesel and it is a beast!!! I also need to know more about the hydraulics of a Woods Boost arm that I have running off the 3 point hitch on the back. I looks alot like the one pictured above but has blue wheels and a bucket.

Tractor seems to only have one hydraulic hook-up while there is a two-way cylinder on the arm. I had no idea that there was such a large following for the Fordson. Dagenham when tuned right will start pretty easy depending on outside temp.

I h Ave an 1983 Bray Industrial Loader,which has been out of action for the last few years, They have long gone out of Business,but could anyone guide me into getting it up and running again,id really apppreciate all suggestions We havwe owned a 1954 Deisel Fordson Major for 15 years it is 50 hp. We ar now replacing the hread gasket and we dont know what the tourque pressure per pound is for the head bolts. the tractor hah lots of power,and very strong hydraulics. I have difficulties because the low range only works intermitently and sometimes pops out of geer. Can anyone please tell me what year and model I might have starts and runs like a fine watch.

If you have a tractor, whole or parting out,or just need my source infomation for parts. 5can anyone out there help me i would love to find if the fordson major my grandad bought new just after the second world war still exists,my late father sold it in 1974 in the farm sale when he retired,i belive this tractor was restored for shows some years ago the registration was GAA 822 i look at my dad on a photo driving that tractor which is on the wall in my home,any info would be fantastic,thanks again. no power steering, it would spin the steering wheel and nearly break your arm. So do you know wear I can get the parts for old blue Fred Wilson I have a 1955 Fordson. transmission dipstick is just in front of shift lever.

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