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My only gripe with Pure Malt however is the button on the atomiser.

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Besides, the old Limited Edition release seems to smell slightly better, I get more caramel and fruits, with this dried whiskey note and slight tea vibe in the dry down, it feels more rich and have more changing stages, or maybe it is just an illusion. However, I don't get the type performance many talk of on here.New re-released batches no longer have that great overall performance, mainly it lacks projection.But it is still good, on par with new releases with strict recent IFRA regulations.But I grew tired of the mid note that rubbery malt smell. 20 had 0 performance didn't really work with my skin. Yes top notes are so good but that's pretty much all there is to this one. Newly bought it today after having a hard times to find it here in my country! There is a fireplace roaring in a corner of the room. It’s very hard to dislike such a beautiful scent like this but even for those who do, one must admire just how sought after this became when it was first discontinued.Pure malt creation by the way, is the exact same as the pure malt vintage it has that caramel A men dry down the latest Pure malts are not like that anymore, it's pretty linear now with that weird rubbery sweet smell. First notes was fantastic, Dried down with woody malt,. Having a hard times to choose whether PURE MALT OR PURE HAVANE!!? You found your place in front of the fire with a glass of whisky. I remember being blown away when I was in the duty free shop when it first came out.

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