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Among those recommendations: community identity and cohesions; heritage preservation, education and ownership; security and dignity for longterm residents; connectivity and neighborhood improvements; and a discussion of planned adjacent developments including Wingate Commons and the Sportsplex.

Now, town staff says, it's up to Crestdale residents to bring those recommendations to life.

The event generated a good turnout, and the team gained many insights from participants.

On Thursday and Friday, the team interviewed residents and stakeholders individually while preparing for the final presentation.

The Lord Jesus has knitted us together as a covenant family so that we might encourage, strengthen, enjoy, and care for the members of our congregation.

Throughout much of its history, Tank Town consisted of home-based stores, barber shops, and the churches that served its residents.

In the years following the Civil War, the community lacked basic and essential resources, including a school for its children.

However, achieving community-wide support for any one option has become a serious challenge.

The Community Planning Assistance Team took a role in fostering dialogues that allowed residents to voice their hopes and concerns for the future of Crestdale.

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