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Like previous years, the Galaxy S8 comes equipped with fast wireless charging capabilities that’s compatible with both WPC and PMA standards.

That means it will be compatible with most any mobile wireless charger you come across and you can get the added bump in speed if you find a compatible wireless charger.

While the overly saturated colors might look nice, they’re nowhere near accurate.

The home button on the Galaxy S8 is accessible — whether the navigation keys are on screen or not — it’s just invisible. For those that either struggle making out tiny fonts and icons, there’s Easy mode.

While this may be fine for most folks, those with a keen eye may notice fuzzy images and text.

For a clearer, more crisp visuals, you may want to enable the phone’s native WQHD resolution. There’s no question the Galaxy S8 features one of the most beautiful displays on the market.

The Galaxy S8 only accepts cards up to 256GB in size and there are plenty affordable options available on the market.

We’d recommend going with something UHS-1 U3 Class 10 for best results. This San Disk 64GB micro SD card on Amazon for .95.

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