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I like the one in the link and have seen it before. I figured that one was already hung up and this one can go next to it.: ) Punishment Certificate This certificate dictates that jessybaby, for the reason babies diaper leaked will receive the folllowing punishment A single spanking, consisting of 57 swats with a ruler and jessybaby in the diaper position.Whatever it is you want i'm sure to have it already, and if I don't then i'm always willing to take requests!!Corset training with steel boned corsets help a lot in addition with hormones to give us TGirls wonderful curves!Welcome to Dating - one of the most popular Bisexual Guys and Bisexual Girls dating sites.Dating a bisexual girl and dating a bisexual guy are both okay.

Some even give discounts, or free gifts by mentioning it!Depending on the domination style it is very hard to tell and recommend the top sissy training methods.As you are guessing, the different Dommes has approaches when it comes to the humiliation of sissy slaves. Imagine the grand hotel, the old basketball player boyfriend, the out of town guests staying at the same hotel….Then of course, the bride, so beautiful in her honeymoon lingerie…

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