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I can’t always afford organic or sustainable, but I do the very best I can.I make most everything from scratch including salad dressings, sauces, and condiments (when I can).Seven months later at the order of my surgeon, I had my gallbladder removed.

I also firmly believe that synthetic vitamins and minerals are not going to do the job – which is why I know all those fortified foods sold in the store in packages are no better than cheap supplements claiming to offer nutritional benefit are a waste of money.

In that span of time, I’ve discovered better health than I’ve had much of my life.

I attribute the change to my discarding of junk and processed foods, and switching to meals made at home, from scratch, and wholesome, real ingredients.

With the intuitive Haiku Home app, you can set your Haiku fans and lights to a predetermined schedule for effortless and automatic operation. Our Sense ME-equipped fans feature a sensor array that detects when you enter or leave a space and alters fan operation based on environmental changes. When you’re hot, Haiku turns on to keep you cool — and then shuts off when you leave.

Our intuitive mobile app lets you schedule our fans and lights for effortless and automatic operation.

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