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Lucky will be the next family who get to have free-range childhoods here.

It’s just been listed, as an autumn harvest home, by estate agent Ron Krueger of Engel and Volkers, based in Kinsale.

Many church-abuse victims remain silent for years or forever.

Only a few victims have consulted the police; some victims eventually contact Broken Rites; and some victims (often unwisely) merely tip-off the church's internal Professional Standards Office (also called "Towards Healing"), whose main purpose is to protect the church and the perpetrator.

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Here are some examples of criminal cases, researched by Broken Rites Australia (since 1993), involving Catholic priests and religious brothers.In the photo, Catholic priest Gerald Ridsdale (left, in sunglasses and hat) walks to court, accompanied by his support person (Bishop George Pell, then an auxiliary bishop in Melbourne), when Father Ridsdale was pleading guilty to his first batch of criminal charges in May 1993.But no bishop accompanied the victims, who felt deserted by the church leaders.Other occupiers were the Swete family, and in the war years, in 1944, it was bought by a couple, Bertie and Eleanor Stone, as a farm, and later became an early and successful example of a farm bed and breakfast enterprise to bolster family income from the mixed farm of some 90 acres.Families came on repeat holidays, most commonly from Dublin, year in, year out, and the current owner, John Stone — an only child of the couple who’d bought in 1944 — recalls the excitement when families arrived with children in tow who kicked balls around and roamed free on the farm.

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