Genoa dating

For dreamers, it's a good all-rounder but lacks the character of a Genoese grande-dame.

The car we chose was not available because we were there a half hour early.

Today Via Garibaldi is a street full of banks and law firms and, more accessibly, Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Bianco.If there is a more striking example of retail panache anywhere in Italy I’ve never seen it.In the center of the city, I am drawn to treasured places like the Church of the Gesù with its amazing Rubens altarpieces; or the Genoa Cathedral, the august black-and-white-stripe monument to St.Two summers ago, I heard one of the best answers from Mitchell Wolfson Jr., an American who moved to Genoa in 1968 and is the founder of the Wolfsoniana, a museum of decorative and propaganda arts in nearby Nervi.“Verdi put it best,” Mr. “‘Popolo della feroce storia.’ It’s a place that has never gotten over its ferocious past.”Genoa is not Florence, Rome or Venice.There is no predigested list of must-see attractions or must-do activities, no romantic watery lagoons, no birth of the Renaissance to chase after.

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