Non sedating allergy medicine

The seven antihistamine drugs we evaluated for this report all work equally well at relieving allergy symptoms, with none being clearly better or safer than the others.

But they differ in how much they cost—ranging from to more than 0.

Choosing the right medication could save you hundreds of dollars a year or more.

If you and your doctor have decided an antihistamine is appropriate for your allergy symptoms, we have selected the following as Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs based on dosing convenience, cost, effectiveness and safety: Those are all low-cost generics available in various formulations (liquid, tablet, chewables, dissolvables) without a prescription.

It may also be a good idea to drink with friends and let them know about the possible interaction, so that they can help monitor your response.It is also possible for you to have difficulty concentrating or performing activities that require focus.Driving or operating heavy machinery may be dangerous, therefore is not advised.In patients who experience drowsiness, alcohol can potentiate the undesired effects of Claritin, often excessive drowsiness.If you are taking Claritin, you may not be able to safely consume the usual amount of alcohol you take.

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