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A variety of funds and societies and fundraising events, including The Annual Fund 2008 as well as plans for the Science Center and Union renovation material as part of "the Next Step" campaign. News releases, newspaper articles, resumes, announcing publications written by Manchester University alumni - as well as actual publications or businesses/careers associated with alumni of the University.

Gladys Dickey's "Manchester College" was first sung at the joint program of the Lincoln and Adelphian literary societies, May 18, 1912.

Manchester College Concert Tour May 2001, CD and CD Master Copy."Celebrating the Vision, Manchester College," DVD."Celebrating the Vision, Manchester College," Commercial 1 - Adds Up, Commercial 2, - Not Stuffy DVD.2014 Holiday Open House at Tall Oaks - invitation.2014 Holiday card sent by the Mc Faddens.2014 Advancement Thanksgiving "Gratitude" cards - 2014 birthday cards - "From the students you put first ...Curriculum Committee Minutes,1932 - 1965 and Curriculum review reports. Materials on General Education, Alexander, budget, co-curricular activities, faculty papers, Davidson-Groff, Faculty Workshop 1967, Fact-Finding Committee minutes, grade point average, Graduate Study Committee Minutes, Humanities, independent student development, statements on MC, AA Degree Committee, Comprehensive Exam, Senior Seminar, Social Sciences, Summer plans, Teaching Load Committee Minutes, Interdivisional Study courses.1924 Faculty Athletic Association.1930-1931 Dean Holl's Report to the Faculty.

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