Astrological based dating service

Many clients think Lee is a psychic after his readings, but he does not use his physic ability in his work. Lee is conservative and doesn't play with the lives of his clients.He moved to Alaska based on an Astrocartography map many years ago, and had serious life losses there.Julian at home in Ojai, California before moving to Portland, Oregon some years ago.His residence for 10 years there was an historic Mediterranean Villa built by Mead & Requa, on 5 solitary acres, in the hills overlooking Ojai. and Europe Clients include couples, families, professionals, and highly successful individuals, including some famous.Your Best Holiday Dates, Rush Service to Improve Your Holidays!

The deal: If you move to the location I recommend and are not glad you did after 3 months there -- I will refund your entire fee. "Locational astrology is the master key to understanding everything about your life, good and bad, and to certainly and surely changing your life in definite and selected ways.No serious locational astrologer is interested in them.I know that sounds amazing, but I mean it sincerely.I have not touched, or ever looked at an ACG map or linemap for over 20 years. He wrote it just to show his expertise on the ACG factors, to show that ACG material is both limited and often incorrect in describing even those factors, and to help people using linemaps to be at least better-informed about ACG factors.) Has influenced the field and other astrologers are now employing fundamental new techniques first uncovered and taught by Mr. Started his Practice Offering Full Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantees Julian Lee is a confident astrologer.And his readings are: 1) Far more detailed and rich, and 2) More specifically accurate than what clients are accustomed to from other astrologers of ANY type.

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